About Peter

With warmth, humor, and piercing insight, Peter Finkelstein has helped some of the world’s great companies to navigate some of their biggest challenges.

Trained as a physician and psychiatrist, Peter has worked for the past twenty years helping organizations achieve high performance by examining and changing their internal dynamics, leadership and team practices, and culture. Peter brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to leadership development and organizational consulting. He has worked with some of Stanford’s and Silicon Valley’s most talented and successful scientists, entrepreneurs, and executives. With a particular focus on how individuals and groups achieve the high levels of coordinated effort that are required for organizational success, Peter is expert in fostering successful executive teams and high-performance cultures.

Upstart Logic, Inc.
15 Tambourine Lane, Little Compton, Rhode Island 02837 
650.400.8108  •  peter@upstartlogic.com