What We Do

Upstart Logic works with your company in a variety of ways to help you cultivate exceptional leadership, productive teams, and a vigorous company culture, tightly aligned with strategy. Our rhythm is data… diagnosis… wisdom and experience… and then action.

Executive Coaching and Development

We specialize in one-on-one coaching. Our consultants bring a depth of experience, education, and wisdom to their work with senior leaders.  The consultant and senior executive work together to identify personal challenges and then set appropriate goals to achieve personal and professional growth.  

Leadership Team Development

We challenge groups of execs to reflect deeply on their current reality.  We help them become high-performing teams by finding the most effective ways to work together, including skill building in dialogue, communication, and critical thinking.

Cultural Alignment and Change

Working with the executive staff, business divisions, or with the company as a whole, we help you develop a company culture that promotes productivity and innovation, always consistent with strategy.  We are experienced with mergers and acquisitions, as well as other major challenges common to growing companies.

Change Strategy

Our approach to change starts with identifying specific gaps in performance as well as missed chances for expansion or innovation.  We help you make this distinction between “performance gaps” and “opportunity gaps.”  With models, tools, and practices honed over twenty years, both in the academy and in the real world of business, we help you analyze the root causes of these gaps.

Critical Thinking, Dialogue, and Communication

Executives and other leaders need to continually hone their thinking and people skills.  We help you stay strong in these areas, including an honest diagnosis of deficiencies. Together, we work toward maximizing your abilities, both personal and interpersonal.

Advising for Start-ups

Start-up companies face extraordinary challenges: difficult work conditions, intense time demands, limited resources, and variables that can be hard to control.  We help you build effective relationships among early leaders and lay the foundations for a healthy, productive company culture.

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